Turn drawings into code with PaintCode 2

How does it work?

Draw things with PaintCode...

Design controls, icons and other graphic elements with PaintCode’s easy-to-use vector drawing tools.

...or import SVG and PSD files

Already have some vector images? Then there’s no need to start from scratch.

PaintCode turns your drawings into code

Watch PaintCode generate Objective-C, Swift or C# Xamarin code from your drawings in real time.

Use the code in your apps

The generated code is clean and readable. You can copy it into your project or use StyleKits.

Resolution independence & other benefits

No more @2x resources. Future proof. Creating dynamic, parametric drawings is easy.


What is StyleKit?

StyleKit is a special Objective-C, Swift or C# class - all your PaintCode design assets in a single package.

Export StyleKit class from PaintCode

StyleKit includes all your drawings, colors, gradients, shadows, icons and images.

Use StyleKit in Xcode

StyleKit class has a convenient API to access all the assets you have made in PaintCode.

Super easy integration

You don't even need to look at the generated StyleKit code. No manual tweaks required.

UI design changes now take seconds

By re-exporting the StyleKit from PaintCode, you can instantly change the appearance of your app.

Learn more

Read our comprehensive documentation or watch a video tutorial to learn everything about StyleKits.

Variables & Expressions

Hello 123 angle -2 * angle = -123 largerAngle 5 radius on/off Hello title Try dragging!

Create parametric drawings

Use variables to define the position, rotation, visibility and other attributes of your shapes.

LargerAngle = -2 × Angle

Use mathematical expressions to define the relationships between variables.

Drawing method with parameters

Export your drawings as Objective-C, Swift or C# methods with parameters. Bring your drawings to life.

Learn more

Read our comprehensive documentation or watch a video tutorial to learn everything about Variables.

Smart Symbols

Draw something on a canvas

Anything you want to reuse many times across your document. An icon, button, slider or other UI control.

Reuse your drawing as a Symbol

Canvases can be easily reused on other canvases as Symbols. They are kept in sync with the original canvas. To learn more, read our documentation.

Symbols are resizable and parametric

Use Dynamic Shapes to make your Symbols resizable. You can even make them parametric with Variables & Expressions.


Vector drawing tools

Use built-in vector shapes to draw stunning buttons, sliders, icons and other user interface elements.

Realtime code generation

Generates Objective-C drawing code in real time. Watch it change and grow. Also supports Swift and C# Xamarin.iOS.

Dynamic colors

Derive new colors, gradients and shadows from existing colors. Use the same color multiple times across your document.

Dynamic shapes

Define how your complex drawings should behave when resized. Draw a resizable button and get a drawing code that can draw the same button to any size.

PSD & SVG import

Import layer graphics, paths, texts and groups from Adobe Photoshop documents. You can also import SVG documents.

Smart guides

Enjoy crisp and sharp drawings, thanks to our smart guides. Perfectly align and position your shapes.

Our customers

“PaintCode makes a tedious job into a simple and enjoyable process, and is the perfect companion for Xamarin.”

— Xamarin

“PaintCode's developers have spent a lot of effort creating tools tied into the way people craft applications.”

— Erica Sadun, TUAW

“Without a doubt the finest solution to the problem of easily working with interface graphics via code. 10 / 10.”

— Marius Masalar, AppStorm

“The neat thing about PaintCode is that it acts as both a full-featured vector drawing app, and also as a tool for coding.”

— Charlie Sorrel, Cult of Mac

“PaintCode is a tool every busy UI designer and app developer should consider buying.”

— Lukas Hermann, Macstories

“It will pay for itself nearly immediately once you start taking advantage of its features.”

— Marco Tabini, MacWorld


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