Useful Shapes

Draw user interface elements with rectangles, rounded rectangles, ovals, stars and polygons.

Bezier Tool

Use the powerful bezier tool to draw custom shapes for icons, logos and original UI elements.

Boolean Operations

Create new shapes from the existing ones using some of the built-in boolean operations - Union, Intersection and Difference.

Text Tool

Add text to your drawings. PaintCode helps you pick the right system fonts and sizes.


Group multiple shapes to make more complex drawings. You can also set opacity, shadow and clip shape for groups.

Text-to-Bezier Conversion

Convert text to bezier curves with a simple two click process.

Patterned Strokes

Pick some of the built-in stroke patterns and adjust the pattern phase.


PSD Import

Import layer graphics, paths, texts and groups from Adobe Photoshop documents. Available as in-app purchase.

SVG Import

Import your SVG drawings from other vector applications.


Export to popular image formats.

Selection Code Export

Select some shapes in the canvas and press Command + C. The drawing code for your selection will be added to the clipboard.

Code generation

Realtime Code Generation

Watch the code change in real time while you are adjusting your drawings.

Supports iOS and OS X

Generate drawing code for the best operating systems.

Objective-C & C#

Choose between Objective-C (iOS & OS X) and C#/MonoTouch (iOS only).

Nice & Readable Code

The generated code is so nice it could have been written by a good human programmer.

Adjustable Origin & Flipness

Adjust the drawing origin and the direction of the Y axis at any time.

Syntax Highlighting

Enjoy a colorful code that is easy to read and comprehend.

ARC and Retain/Release

Pick your favorite memory management model.

Smart Resizable Drawings


Use frames to define how your drawings should behave when they are resized and moved around.

Dynamic Shapes

Define the resizing behavior for each control point of your beziers individually.

Smart Groups

Group frames with shapes inside them to create a group with custom resizing behavior.



Use real-life photos or patterns in your drawings. You can provide both Retina and non-Retina versions.

Dynamic Colors

Derive new colors from the existing ones using some of the built-in color operations. Watch the derived color change as you adjust its base color.

Dynamic Shadows

Create multiple shadows with the same color. Watch all of them change in real time as you adjust the base color.

Dynamic Gradients

Derive your gradients from the colors you've already defined. When you adjust some of the colors, the gradients and shadows will be automatically updated, too.

Reusable Everything

Define colors, gradients and shadows only once, then reuse them across your document. Adjust them later to change the color scheme of your entire document easily.

Linear & Radial Gradients

Use some of the built-in gradient types to achieve more realistic drawings.

Multi-step Gradients

Make complex gradients with multiple color stops. Adjust the linearity between individual colors.


Realtime Settings Preview

Adjust any setting and watch it being previewed instantly. No more guessing and OK buttons!

Color Picker

Use our special color picker to create and edit colors conveniently.

Retina Mode

Switch the drawing canvas between retina and non-retina preview mode with a single click.

Automatic Sharpening

Stop worrying about perfect pixel alignment of your drawings. PaintCode keeps them sharp and crisp for you.

User-defined Drawing Origin

Move the drawing origin around to get different drawing coordinates of your shapes.

Smart Guides

Let PaintCode snap your shapes to various points of interest when you are adjusting them.

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