Turn drawings into Objective-C code with PaintCode 3

Swift 5, Android, JavaScript. New features in PaintCode 3

How does PaintCode work?

1Draw things in PaintCode.

You can also import PDF, SVG, PSD, AI and EPS documents.

2Get the Generated code.

Choose Swift, Objective-C, Java, C#, JavaScript or SVG.

3Use the code in your app.

Works on iOS, macOS, Android and the web.

Why should you use PaintCode?

Preload of images/pixelated_a.png

Resolution independence

Avoid the @1x, @2x and @3x image resolution hell. Draw your user interface with resolution independent code generated by PaintCode.

Parametric Drawings

Use variables and expressions to control the color, position, rotation, visibility and other attributes of your shapes.

Faster Workflow

All your PaintCode drawings are exported into a single code file called StyleKit. Re-export StyleKit at any time and see all the updated drawings right in your app.

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