iPhone X Screen Demystified

Today, Apple launches iPhone X with a unique OLED display. Continue reading to learn more or check out our Ultimate Guide To iPhone Resolutions!

iPhone X Resolution

1125 × 2436 render at 3× (points) 375 × 812 (pixels) 375 pt 812 pt 1125 px 2436 px At the beginning, coordinates of all drawings are specified in points. Points Point-based drawings are rendered into pixels. This process is known as rasterization. Rendered Pixels

iPhone X Cutout

iPhone X features a cutout (or notch) at the top of the screen to accommodate the front facing camera, speaker, microphone and the new Face ID sensors.

375 pt 83 pt 83 pt 209 pt 30 pt 40 pt radius 6 pt radius 20 pt radius

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