PaintCode 2.1 with Swift support is here!

After Apple introduced Swift at WWDC, it became clear that this is the future of Apple software development. We started to work on Swift code generation for PaintCode immediately.

Today, we're very excited to finally make PaintCode 2.1 available. Here is a video of PaintCode 2.1 running the Swift code generator:

Our experience with Swift has been very positive so far - congratulations to Chris Lattner and his entire development team for this great work!

PaintCode with Swift!

In addition to Swift code generation, PaintCode 2.1 also adds parametric colors, gradients, shadows and images. This means that you can now, for example, configure PaintCode color to behave as a method parameter in the generated code.

This allows you to easily change the color (and other style characteristics) of your PaintCode drawings at runtime.

Parametric Colors in PaintCode

PaintCode 2.1 is a free update, available immediately on the Mac App Store and our own Store.

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To learn more about PaintCode 2, visit our website. We have prepared video tutorials that show PaintCode 2 in action. To catch all PaintCode-related news, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.