PaintCode 2.2 - Introducing Smart Symbols

PaintCode 2.2 introduces Smart Symbols, a great feature for prototyping entire user interfaces. Symbols allow you to reuse your drawings across a document.

Symbols can be nested, and you can even make them parametric and resizable, which means that PaintCode has the best support for symbols of any drawing app on Mac.

Symbols Tutorial

We’ve put together a short video tutorial that shows you how to use Symbols.

Draw something on a canvas

Anything you want to reuse many times across your document. An icon, button, slider or other UI control.

Reuse your drawing as a Symbol

Canvases can be easily reused on other canvases as Symbols. They are kept in sync with the original canvas. To learn more, read our documentation.

Symbols are resizable and parametric

Use Dynamic Shapes to make your Symbols resizable. You can even make them parametric with Variables & Expressions.

Free Update!

PaintCode 2.2 is available immediately on the Mac App Store and our own Store. Aside from Symbols, PaintCode 2.2 brings:

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