I am a graphic designer. Why should I use PaintCode?

I am a graphic designer. Why should I use PaintCode?

PaintCode is an easy-to-use vector drawing app with several advanced and unique features.

With PaintCode’s dynamic colors, you can adjust the color scheme of your drawings instantly. By changing one master color, all shapes that use the color will be automatically redrawn. You can also define relationships between colors.

PaintCode has the best support for symbols of any drawing app on Mac. With our Smart Symbols, you can reuse the drawings from one canvas on other drawing canvases. What makes PaintCode’s approach unique is that you can make the symbols parametric. So, for example, if you draw a button on one canvas, you will not only be able to use it multiple times on another canvas, but also change the text inside the button, its color, dimensions and other important attributes.

With variables and expressions, you can make your drawings dynamic and parametric. For example, you can make an emoticon that smoothly changes from happy to sad based on a single “happiness” parameter.

Your developer will love the fact that PaintCode automatically turns your drawings into code. The generated code can easily be used by developers to create truly resolution-independent user interface that looks exactly the same as you designed it in PaintCode. With PaintCode, the changes you make in your designs can be integrated into a live, running apps in a matter of seconds.

PaintCode can import many popular image formats including SVG, PSD, PDF, EPS and AI files. You can also copy & paste your drawings from Sketch directly to PaintCode.