PaintCode Power User: Keyboard Shortcuts

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Keyboard shortcuts for menu items are a very powerful feature of macOS. Mastering keyboard shortcuts is probably the first step to improving you workflow with the app. You can discover them by exploring menus of PaintCode, but don’t forget to try and modifiers.

Here is a list of shortcuts we use the most:

Shapes MenuShapes Menu Shape Contextual MenuShape Contextual Menu

There are many more keyboard shortcuts, but are used somewhat less often. Here is our complete cheat sheet.

Touch Bar

We added support for Touch Bar in version 3.2 and we are very happy with it. It exposes some functions that were previously only accessible via menus or keyboard shortcuts. We also tried to come up with some interesting ideas, some of which are only possible in PaintCode.

Touch Bar for ShapesTouch Bar for Shapes Touch Bar for DocumentsTouch Bar for Documents

Our next post will be only about Text Fields, because there’s more to them than meets the eye!

To learn more about some of the mentioned features, read our documentation or watch tutorial videos.