PaintCode Power User

Every non-trivial software has a learning curve. PaintCode is definitely a non-trivial app, even if we tried to make basic tasks very intuitive to do. As you spend more time with PaintCode you try to perform tasks more efficiently, explore hidden options, and experiment with advanced features.

We will publish a series of blog posts, each describing one aspect of PaintCode with many tips for mastering your workflow. This series focuses on drawing and designing rather than using the generated code. Become a power user of PaintCode!

  1. Keyboard Shortcuts
  2. Text Fields
  3. Library Colors
  4. Library Gradients
  5. Library Shadows
  6. Library Images
  7. Variables
  8. Expressions
  9. Canvases
  10. Symbols
  11. Shapes
  12. Beziers
  13. Styles
  14. Frames