PaintCode Power User: Symbols

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One of the most powerful features of PaintCode are Symbols. We built Symbols on top of existing features, like Library and Frames.

Symbol is an object on canvas that draws other canvas from your document. If the referenced canvas uses Library items, Variables or Frames, these can be customized for each Symbol independently.

Example of Symbols using HumansExample of Symbols using Humans

For programmers, Symbols are easily explained as function calls with custom arguments. No other app offers this level of flexibility.

Creating a Symbol

Symbols help you de-duplicate your designs in an easy way and we definitely recommend using them as much as possible. Before creating a Symbol, you need to have at least two canvases: source and destination.

Toolbar Button for SymbolsToolbar Button for Symbols

Working with Symbols

Example of SymbolsExample of Symbols Parameter in Usage Popup ButtonParameter in Usage Popup Button

Symbols are the perfect solution is you use one component multiple times across your design. For example checkbox with On/Off state controlled using parameter or a resizable chat bubble with tint color parameter.

To learn more about Symbols, read our Symbols documentation or watch a video about Symbols.