PaintCode Power User: Styles

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In previous post I discussed Shapes and their actual shape, but it’s just one aspect of Shapes. The other part is Style, which I use to collectively call Fill, Stroke, Shadow, Text, Opacity, Blend Mode, and such. Basically these are the attributes that make the Shape actually visible.

As shown in Inspector, from top to bottom, here is a description of all visual attributes.

Visibility & Blending

Inspector of VisibilityInspector of Visibility Menu for Shape VisibilityMenu for Shape Visibility Menufor Group ClipMenufor Group Clip


Inspector of TextInspector of Text Menu for FontsMenu for Fonts


Inspector of FillInspector of Fill Menu for Shape FillMenu for Shape Fill Inspector for Gradient FillInspector for Gradient Fill Gradient Controls in CanvasGradient Controls in Canvas Inspector for Image FillInspector for Image Fill


Inspector of StrokeInspector of Stroke Inspector for Stroke PatternInspector for Stroke Pattern


Inspector of ShadowInspector of Shadow

That’s everything a Shape can have. If you select a Shape and then create a new one, it will inherit (almost) all of these style attributes. That’s the way you can copy style from one shape to another. And remember, when all these styles go into your way, try menu CanvasShow Only Outlines.

To learn more about Shapes and their styles in Inspector, see our Shapes documentation or watch tutorial videos.