PaintCode Power User: Beziers

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In this post, I will write about Beziers in PaintCode and what editing capabilities they have. For more general discussion about Shapes, read our previous post.

Bezier is the most versatile of all Shapes. In fact all other Shapes are built on top of Bezier. Bézier curves are a very important concept in computer vector graphics, but their in-depth explanation is out of scope for this post. In case you want to learn about them more, try this Wikipedia page.

Editing BezierEditing Bezier

Basic information about Beziers in PaintCode:

Constructing Bezier CurveConstructing Bezier Curve


With Bezier shapes, you can move each individual vertex, adjust each curve, add vertices and delete them, so there is quite a lot of editing options:

Extending Bezier

Vertex Selection

Vertex Operations

Bezier Vertex MenuBezier Vertex Menu Bezier Vertex Touch BarBezier Vertex Touch Bar

Line Operations

Bezier Segment MenuBezier Segment Menu


Text as BezierText as Bezier

Combining Operations

Window toolbar includes 3 buttons for combining multiple Shapes together. If you customized your Toolbar, you might have a button Combine that includes all 3 operations. Select two or more Shapes and these buttons become active.

Bezier Combining OperationsBezier Combining Operations

These operations are quite difficult to explain, but they are easy to understand when you actually try them. Keep in mind that these operations also merge styles, so you may get side-effects when using them. Shape Styles will be the topic for the next post.

To learn more about Beziers in PaintCode, see our Bezier documentation.