PaintCode Power User: Library Images

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One of the defining features of PaintCode is Library. It brings flexibility to your drawings and makes it trivial to experiment with your designs. In previous posts I wrote about tips for Colors, Gradient, and Shadows so now I will focus on Images.

Managing Images

Image EditorImage Editor Image Usage DotsImage Usage Dots

Image Fill

Library Image is not a shape that can be placed into canvas directly. Its role is similar to Library Gradient, so it can be used as a fill of some shape – typically of a rectangle. To do that, pick image in Fill popover or drag a connection from Library Image to the desired shape.

Connect Image with ShapeConnect Image with Shape

Once the shape uses image fill, its Fill inspector offers new options: image offset and tiling mode.

Image Fill InspectorImage Fill Inspector

Although PaintCode is meant to replace bitmap images in your apps, there are valid cases when you need to use them.

To learn more about Library Images, read our Images documentation.