Inspector is a place where you can adjust attributes of objects, typically selected shapes. The inspector supports multiple selection, so it is possible to edit multiple shapes at once.

When you select the drawing canvas itself, the canvas settings also appear in the Inspector.


Renaming a shape

Each shape has a name that can be edited in the Inspector. PaintCode generates all names for you, but you can always change them to be more descriptive. The name of shape is primarily used for code generation.

Inspector Boxes

Some boxes of the inspector can be opened and closed. Close the boxes you don't need to better focus on the Inspector attributes that are more important to you.

Inspector Box Closed

Inspector box can be easily opened and closed by clicking on the header of the box.

Inspector Box Open

Note that the user interface of your drawing canvases may change depending on whether you have an Inspector box open. For example, the transformation (rotation and scale) origin point is only visible when you have the transforms box open. Similarly, the widgets for adjusting two-point and circular gradients are only visible when the Fill box is open.